2019 YGT Global Competition
@ Guangzhou

Since the beginning of the YGT Young Green Tech Competition on March 8th, more than 100 applicants had participated, with projects originating from 15 countries and regions. Among the 20 young entrepreneurs selected for the YGT finals,  many technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, as well as eco-energy, sustainable development, and other promising developmental fields were showcased. The innovative and environmentally friendly projects presented through the YGT competition are not only closely related to people’s daily work and life but also makes an impact towards the future development of knowledge and economy, highlighting the power of environmental impact held by the younger generation!

After 4 months of careful review and the highly competitive finals, the 2019 YGT Entrepreneurs Of The Year Award and People’s Choice award are finally released!


  • Robert Heinecke – CEO of Breeze Technologies
  • Jose M. Bermudez – CEO of Bound 4 Blue
  • Jing Hu – Cofounder and COO of Sunbright Quantum Technology
  • Yufan Liu – CMO of GPACK INN
  • Jiannan Zhu – General Manager of Orca-Tech
  • Juan Vicen – Cofounder and CMO of Zeleros Hyperloop


  • Zhenyu Zhang – Founder of Slash Lifestyle Co., Ltd.

The YGT final competition officially began on the afternoon of July 17th, with 20 YGTers divided into Chinese and English speaking groups. Each finalist had 8 minutes to introduce their projects, with each judges asking questions on the spot after the project introductions.

The final judges consist of executive directors from Global Innovation Incubators, heads of environmental organizations, co-founders and investment directors of major investment institutions domestic and abroad.  

The final judges will serve as YGT advisors to provide specific guidance for the YGT project from project positioning, product design, business model, project promotion, fundraising, and other aspects. More information regarding YGT Global Advisors and Tutors can be found at http://younggreentech.net/

As early as the first half of the final, the YGt team invited global investors to watch the competition, building docking investment for YGT finalists and laying the foundation for the future success of their projects. Nearly 100 professional visitors from investment companies, incubators, foundations, and related environmental companies came to the competition site in seeking potential projects and future cooperation opportunities.

At the public show, 20 finalists were divided into four groups, with “A New Era of Knowledge: Big Data, Internet of Things and Environmental Technology”, “Bay Area Circular Economy and New Opportunities for Sustainable Consumption”, “Future Intelligence and New Energy ” The four major themes such as “Building a sustainable talent for the future” will be held in dialogue and discussion with invited guests to discuss the future development of youth innovation.

Combined with the judges’ ratings and review opinions on the final competition, the 2019 Entrepreneurs Of The Year are finally released! At the awards dinner, YGT Global Advisors Wang Shi, Feng Lun and other guests presented commemorative certificates for the 2019 Global Top 20 finalists, and awarded trophies for the 2019 Entrepreneurs Of The Year and People’s Choice Awards.

Entrepreneur of The Year 2019 Juan Vicen said in an interview after the conference: “YGT was a truly inspiring experience. We had the opportunity to meet real changemakers in the climate sector and investors and corporates interested in fostering these ideas. We are really honoured to be awarded as one of the top 6 companies that will travel to the US. In a world where Transportation accounts for about one thrid of total greenhouse gas emissions, the development of transport systems such as Zeleros’ hyperloop have the potential to significantly improve efficiency and speed, bringing a sustainable solution to connect major cities and logistic hubs at speeds up to 1000km/h. Opportunities like this challenge help us be a step closer to achieve this goal.”