Company & Team

  • In early-stage development (pre-series C).
  • In principle, we do not consider the application from non-profit organizations or teams without commercial registration.
  • Have at least three staff members.
  • Enterprise goals and objectives shall align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and business areas fall within the Eight Project Categories of YGT. 
  • Participating enterprises must exhibit proper business operations and have a good social reputation.
  • NOTE: A special track (Life and Health) is set up for 2023 YGT Competition in partnership with Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. Items 2 and 3 above may not be considered for applicants for the special track; namely, startup teams or individuals in very early stages, especially those with doctoral academic background, are encouraged to apply.



  • Individual applicants must be founders, co-founders, C-level executives, and/or other core members of an enterprise. Founding members are preferred.
  • YGT Finalists must be able to participate in the YGT Global Final Competition and related activities.  
  • Chinese and English are the working languages of YGT. Individual applicants must be able to communicate and present their projects (the application materials included) via either one or both languages.

Project Categories

Advanced Manufacturing

Upgrade of existing equipment or technologies (particularly in improving energy efficiency), carbon capture equipment or technologies, new energy transportation vehicles or equipment, air and water purification equipment or technologies, etc.


Technologies related to clean energy, alternative energy, and new energy, and improvement solutions to existing energy technologies, etc.


Alternative materials to replace petrochemical materials, new materials, energy saving building materials, carbon utilization materials, material recycling, etc.


Synthetic biology, artificial meat & plant-based meat, bio-based textile dyeing, etc.


Carbon emission trading platform, internet of things, smart power grid, blockchain technology, city-level or above greenhouse gas monitoring, etc.

Pollution Management

Water contamination management, air pollution treatment, waste recycling, environmental monitoring, analysis and evaluation, etc.


Organic fertilizer/fodder, soil treatment and upgrade, livestock & poultry manure treatment, etc.

Special Track: Life and Health

Advanced medical equipment or materials, healthcare management, etc.

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