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Learning journey of the United Nations Environment Climate Week, Project Showcase to leaders and experts across different industries, Access to funding which boost YGTers’ development



Young Green Tech (YGT) is an exchange program that empowers young creators and doers to address environmental challenges through scalable solutions and cleantech innovation. Every year, YGT provides a select group of transformative green startups training from prestigious institutions, access to high net worth philanthropists and participation in tech-exchanges around the global.

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2019 YGT Global Final Competition @GuangZhou

Final Competition

The YGT final competition officially began on the afternoon of July 17th, with 20 YGTers divided into Chinese and English speaking groups. Each finalist had 8 minutes to introduce their projects, with each judges asking questions on the spot after the project introductions.Nearly 100 professional visitors from investment companies, incubators, foundations, and related environmental companies came to the competition site in seeking potential projects and future cooperation opportunities.


The team of dedicated workshops, renowned university professors, and directors of international environmental organizations brings multi-dimensional entrepreneurial guidance to YGTers. The course covers management, products/ users, finance, business and growth which help YGTers to fully equip the necessary skills for entrepreneurship and corporate development.

Public Showcase

At the public show, 20 finalists were divided into four groups, with “A New Era of Knowledge: Big Data, Internet of Things and Environmental Technology”, “Bay Area Circular Economy and New Opportunities for Sustainable Consumption”, “Future Intelligence and New Energy ” The four major themes such as “Building a sustainable talent for the future” were held in dialogue and discussion with invited guests to explore the future development of youth innovation.

closed-door session

During the final competition, YGTers had a closed-door meeting with YGT Global Advisor WANG Shi. After listening to the introduction of 20 YGTers' projects, WANG Shi described the power of “ perseverance” in entrepreneurship relating to his personal experience. He also encouraged YGTers to be bold in innovation and seek constant break through. "The Future of the World is in Your Hands!"


YGT Forum@San Francisco​
During the first YGT forum in September 2018 in San Francisco, Wang Shi, Chairman of the Vanke Foundation and Gary Hirshberg, Chairman and former president and CEO of Stonyfield Farms moderated the forum and interviewed YGT entrepreneurs. Amory Lovins, a renowned environmentalist was also in attendance.
YGT Bootcamp@San Francisco​
During the three-day forum, YGTers showcased their solutions and participated in exchanges at GoogleX, ChangeLabs and TomKat Sustainable Energy Center at Stanford University.
YGT@WWF China Board Meeting Gala, Yangzhou
The YGT semi-annual event was held at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) China Board Meeting Gala in Yangzhou, China.
YGT@WWF China Board Meeting Gala, Yangzhou
Xia Li, CEO of Shenzhen Power Solutions, Shutong Liu, Founder of Motioneco, Xi Wang, Founder of VLoop pitched their solutions and how youth are addressing the environmental challenges and opportunities of this era.


Study at world-class academic institutions and business organizations under YGT’s workshops, and visit the leading tech companies and environmental projects across the globe.


Demonstrate your project to the public in fresh, unique ways including YGT’s competition, annual forum, public speaking, and pop-up stores.


Create a network that gathers young entrepreneurs across the globe who are concerned about the environment, and connect them with industry experts and business leaders.



Founder & Honorary Chairman
Vanke Co.

Danny Kennedy

Chief Energy Officer
New Energy Nexus
Managing Director
CalCEF Ventures

Lizhong Yu

Chancellor & Chairman of the Board
NYU Shanghai

Lun Feng

Yufeng (F&E) Capital Holdings Co., Ltd.

Susan Rockefeller

Documentary filmmaker
artist and conservationist



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