2019 YGT Winner Juan Vicen

2019 YGT Winner Robert Heinecke


Young Green Tech (YGT) seeks to empower young entrepreneurs to address environmental challenges through innovative actions. YGT provides a public platform to showcase your solution, and helps you succeed by providing mentorship, access to investors, corporations, strategic partners and most importantly the skills to become a world-changing company.


  • Submit your application on YGT’s official website (https://younggreentech.net). 
  • Candidates who successfully fill out and submit the application form online  will receive a confirmation email from YGT within 24 hours.
  •  Application deadline: April 27, 2020


A committee of judges comprised of experts, senior investors, senior executives, and YGT partners will review all submitted application forms according to the following criteria:


The company addresses a prominent environmental challenge using new technologies or innovative application of existing technologies; Or, the company recognizes and provides a solution to demand in sustainability-related industries that had previously been neglected by the market; Or, the company has an innovative business model.


The company has the potential to make a long-term positive impact on industry, society and the environment.


The project has a viable business model/ technology and foreseeable market prospects. We look for projects that have passed beyond the concept stage. Strong preferences will be given to those have already entered the market and generated social or economic benefits.


Have a strong sense of civic responsibility and passion for tackling climate change, improving the ecosystem, or pursuing green development. Have the vision and capabilities to lead and create environmental benefits.


  • Winners will receive a signed certificate from the YGT Global Advisory Committee and have the opportunity to interact with YGT advisors in-person for guidance and endorsement.
  • A rich, resourceful network comprised of senior investors, incubators, and governmental departments. The network provides ample opportunities to raise capital, access corporate resources, work environments, and policy support from governments.
  • YGT Finalists will not only interact with YGT’s global advisors for mentorship, but also gain access to industry leaders for advice on how to manage a startup, raising capital, marketing, etc.
  • Become friends with previous Finalists through YGT Alumni groups, expanding your social network, experience, and resources.
  • Endless opportunities for project showcase: YGTers are able to showcase their entrepreneurship projects to leaders and experts across different industries. YGT’s professional publicity team will also help them boost media coverage.


  • Applicants are responsible for the accuracy and validity of their submitted materials. If any false information is identified, applicants held accountable will be immediately disqualified. Submitted projects should be the work of the submitter and his/her team. Candidates are responsible for any disputes on intellectual property or liability caused by their own projects.
  • YGT respects and values your privacy and is dedicated to the security of your personal information. We will use your submitted information within the limit of necessity for the following purposes:
    1. For all candidates:
      1. Allowing the judges to review and score application materials
      2. Sending out notifications on competition related messages.  
      3. Requesting information related to submitted projects
      4. Creating statistical analysis
      5. Future YGT events promotions 
    2. For all Finalists, the following purposes will also occur:
      1. Sending out notifications on rewards for winners and further information on the award ceremony
      2. Publishing winners’ information to the public
      3. Providing contact information for future requests for creating materials for press releases
      4. Future YGT events promotions 
  • YGT reserves all the right to make a final determination of applicants eligibility and a final interpretation of the competition results.
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