1. Company & Team 
  • In early-stage development (pre-series B).
  • Have a strong sense of civic responsibility and passion for tackling climate change, improving the ecosystem, and developing green projects.
  • All of the company’s operation are within the bounds of the law and the company has strong social credibility.
  1. Project
  • Aligned with the United Nations SDGs: In particular, has created solutions within the clean drinking water, sanitation, clean energy, sustainable cities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.
  • Emphasis on Innovation: Developed new technology. Innovation is mature and is opening up new markets through new business models to address a prominent sustainability issue
  • Viability: The project has a viable business model/ technology and foreseeable market prospects within the next 5 years. We look for projects that have passed beyond the concept stage. Strong preferences will be given to those that have already entered the market and generated social or economic benefits.
  • Socially impactful: Have a strong potential impact on industry, society and the environment.
  • Market Leading: As a pioneer, sets an example within the industry, inspiring young entrepreneurs
  1. Candidates:
  • You or your team are cores members of the company (e.g., founder/co-founder/CEO). Company founders will be considered first.
  • If you succeed to become a finalist, be prepared to showcase your project at the YGT forum and all other YGT events (candidates who are not company founders can also participate in these events with a company founder).
  • Strong English skills are important for you to showcase your projects and communicate with the judges.


Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction​

· Clean Energy · Energy Efficiency​

Pollution Management​

· Air / Water / Land · Noise and Vibration Control · Solid Waste · Pollution Monitor​

Resource Management​

· Potable water treatment · Renewable materials · Recycle and reuse · Biodiversity conservation


· Environmental Education · Green Lifestyle​

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