Company & Team

  • In early-stage development (pre-series C).
  • In principle, we do not consider the application from non-profit organizations or teams without commercial registration.
  • Have at least three staff members.
  • Enterprise goals and objectives shall align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and business areas fall within YGT nine categories. 
  • Participating enterprises must reflect proper business operations and have a good social reputation.


  • Individual applicants must be founders, co-founders, C-level executives, and/or other core members of an enterprise. Founding members are preferred.
  • YGT Finalists must be able to participate in the YGT Global Final Competition and related activities.  
  • Chinese and English are the working languages of YGT. Individual applicants must be able to communicate and present their projects (the application materials included) via either one or both languages.

Project Categories

Advanced Manufacturing

Wastewater treatment equipment, electric aviation devices, driverless technology, air purifiers, low-emission propellers, etc.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy transaction platforms, solar resource management, oil & gas well retrofits, batteries & storage, eco-toilets, etc.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable textiles, plastic substitutes & safe babycare products, humidity-control & energy-saving construction materials, plant-based material substitutes, tire recycling, etc.


Industrial enzyme applications, plant-based meat, natural dye, etc.


Transport sharing & carpooling, driverless cabs, etc.

Data Management

Carbon trading platforms, artificial intelligence libraries, internet of Things, smart grid, blockchain technology, city-level GHG monitoring, etc.

Pollution Management

Water & wastewater treatment, air pollution control, noise pollution management, municipal solid waste recycling, hazardous waste management, environmental monitoring, analysis & assessment, etc.

Sustainable Agriculture

Organic fertilizers, organic feeds, eco-friendly soil enhancers, etc.

Sustainable Living & Education

Environmental education programs, sustainable lifestyle, polar science research programs, etc.

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