Becoming a YGT Investor


Exclusive registration channels for investors of YGT global finals are officially open

The 2019 Young Green Tech (YGT) global finals will be held in Guangzhou, China, on July 17. YGT is now open to global investors


Why should you be interested in becoming a YGT investor?

You will have the opportunity to watch the YGT finals and learn more about the 20 finalists selected from nearly 100 entries from 15 countries and regions around the world.

After the final competition, you would be invited to the YGT evening party and have in-depth interaction with young entrepreneurs from all over the world as well as contestants of the previous YGT winning projects, YGT partners and mentors, exploring the possibility of partnership and cooperations.


What is YGT?

YGT (Young Green Tech), launched in 2018 in San Francisco, aims to encourage the Young generation to use innovative approaches to resolve the environmental challenges we face in modern times. Every year, we select the most promising and innovative youth environmental business projects from all over the world with the goal of supporting them succeed through mentoring, public exhibition, in-depth training, and docking investment, so as to generate greater social and economic impact.

In 2019, YGT received nearly 100 applications from 15 countries and regions, with projects covering areas from intelligent equipment, agro-technological innovation, new material application, blockchain/Internet of things technology application and many other fields.

After four months of multiple screening, 20 young entrepreneurs from all over the world had been selected to fly to Guangzhou with their environmental innovation projects, competing in the final pitch.

 The 20 young entrepreneurs will be divided into two groups,  each group having 10 entrepreneurs for the roadshow and public exhibition.

Each finalist project was comprehensively reviewed by YGT jury in terms of technicality, business model, team building, project implementation, and other aspects, with considerable potential and market prospect.


Specific projects themes include but not limited to:

Application of block chain technology for the energy industry

Smart travel technology to improve energy efficiency:

Smart devices and systems focused on emission reduction

Technology-centered Agricultural innovation

New materials with a wide range of purposes

the avocations of an environmentally friendly lifestyle

Advanced technology application, environmental protection equipment ‘s iterative update


Forum information

Location: Guangzhou (the specific address will be informed after successful registration)

Date: July 17, 2019

13:00-16:00 (YGT global finals), 18:30-20:30(YGT welcome dinner)

(subject to final release)



The deadline for registration is 12:00am, July 12, Beijing time

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