Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants are responsible for the credibility and validity of their submitted materials. If any false information is identified, applicants held accountable will be immediately disqualified. Submitted projects should be the work of the submitter and his/her team. Candidates are responsible for any disputes on intellectual property or liability caused by their own projects.
  • YGT respects and values your privacy and is dedicated to the security of your personal information. We will use your submitted information within the limit of necessity for the following purposes:
    1. For all candidates:
      1. Allowing the judges to review and score application materials
      2. Sending out notifications on competition related messages.  
      3. Requesting information related to submitted projects
      4. Creating statistical analysis
      5. Future YGT events promotions
    2. For all Finalists, the following purposes will also occur:
      1. Sending out notifications on rewards for winners and further information on the award ceremony
      2. Publishing winners’ information to the public
      3. Providing contact information for future requests for creating materials for press releases
      4. Future YGT events promotions
  • YGT reserves all the right to make a final determination of applicants eligibility and a final interpretation of the competition results.
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